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What We Offer

Backed by a network of experienced professionals, we are committed to providing clear, measurable value to your work.
Please get in touch with us today to learn how Ingenuity Arts can support your project.


Conversation to Test Fit




Thinking in Action

Project Type and Timeline

Projects are as varied as people. We think the early communication about needs, setting, timelines and expectations are essential to overall project delivery.

You will talk to me, Milton Friesen, so that from the very start there is a direct point of human contact.

Project and CV Summary

What We Use

The tools of city building  and human design are constantly changing. We make use of network mapping, meeting design, strategic thinking, machine learning, cultural analysis, policy evaluation and anything else we think can enrich your work in significant ways.

Nimble Project Intelligence

You cannot hold all the capabilities you need within your group. But with our collaboration, you can connect with those who have what you need and integrate them into your specific gaps. We study complex human systems, understand adaptive processes, and interact with top people in a wide range of emerging fields.

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