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Examples of Active Work

Here are a few project examples to suggest some of the ways that we can support your work. In general, we do not attempt to develop templates or generic approaches. A better way to think about how we work is to imagine each project as a uniquely crafted contribution that we can feel proud of because it genuinely helped you get better at what you do.


Design with People in Mind

Practical project intelligence

Using a simple acrostic that captures deep design insight, we have a practical way of improving the human value of projects from city to group scales. The approach enables us to guide existing processes and planning practices in a way that fits them to their context very effectively.


Social Impact of Building Use Change

Community Spaces in Faith Places

Demographics and cultural changes have a significant impact on how we use land and buildings over time. This project involved participation on a team of organizations to answer a simple question about how the closure of faith buildings would impact community organizations.


Social and Spatial Patterns

Advancing the Science of People in Cities

Using GPS data and social survey data, this pioneering study was designed to find innovative ways to understand how the movements of people in cities reflects subtle and difficult to detect social meaning.

SPECscape_net_graphic_simple blank spots

Computer Modeling of Human Life

When we try and build something complex we end up learning a lot

Digital tools can help us do things we never could in the physical world. With clever coding and understanding, we are able to understand very difficult things like how organizations may split under duress or why some city neighbourhoods sort themselves almost automatically by key characteristics. By searching for the very basic dynamics of social activity, new insights about more complex behaviour is possible.

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