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Social Ingenuity

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

The Ingenuity Gap came out around the time of the Y2K crisis - the millenial apocalypse some of us remember living through. Thomas Homer Dixon articulated that technological gaps were not the most pressing challenge we faced. Instead, he argued that the gaps in our social ingenuity were growing wider and could not be solved by slavish applications of digital or other tech. I first read that book in a small town in Alberta and was deeply grateful to meet someone that affirmed so much of what I had been reaching for. Thank you to Tad.

In this essay, Getting Simple Right, I have outlined my own sense of the dynamics of social organizing. We all operate with some mix of social philosophies. The question is the degree to which we are aware of it and whether or not we give it proper consideration.

Getting Simple Right
Download PDF • 198KB

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